About Me

Hi. You must have already guessed my name from the web address if you are here, but let me say it anyway. I am Tania Moulik, and am a particle physicist by profession. I grew up in New Delhi, India although my parents are originally from Bengal, and grew up in Calcutta. So you can say I am an eclectic mix of the two worlds, the culture and artistry of Bengal and the progressive, money-centric and cynical life of Delhi. I love both places equally. My interests are myriad, wish I could sort some of my real interests. I love to think, write, read, watch movies, listen to music. I am interested in science, physics, culture, and politics. I believe that everyone has a place in this world and that the world was meant to be diverse and in this difference is our strength and beauty. I believe in peace. If I were to name some of my favorite singers/songs among the western world, it would be John Lennon’s songs, “Imagine” and “Give peace a chance”. I love Bengali songs by Rabindranath Tagore, the Bengali nobel prize winner in literature..and the list could go on and on..but let me stop here for now..and give you a chance to know me through my writings…. 🙂


4 responses to “About Me

  • fab42na

    I just wanted to tell you that I read your comment on my page and it’s a beautiful quote. Thank you for your words. You are right that its smthg within us that makes some of us willing to truly love and others aren’t as lucky. Thank you for not letting me see myself so pathetic :).

  • VG

    Hello Tania,
    You have a wonderful and thought provoking blog. I am from New Delhi as well but moved to Europe sometime back, so can relate to many things you write.
    Hope to read more from you. Brilliant!

  • taniam

    Hey, Thank you VJ. Have been a bit lazy for a while but seeing your comment has inspired me again. So hope to be more active :).

  • VG

    u r welcome Tania. After reading ur blog, I just felt as if I was reading my own thoughts….very strange… but good and enjoyable , since I lack the ability to put down my thoughts so well in words as you do so well. Btw, i would like to share with u why I ended up reading ur blog in the first place. If ur interested too do drop me a line where I can mail u back. If not then pls don;t post this message. My e-mail address is. vg191971@gmail.com or Veenu.Gupta@student.uva.nl

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